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Main purpose of snooping is to listen or read communication or browse through files or system information of the user’s system. Although snooping is always taken in a harmful sense, what snooping actually means is to track activity of a person using any program or utility that performs a monitoring function in computer technology. What is Video Palette Snooping? - Computer Hope Jun 02, 2020 Computer snooping | Legal Advice

computer snooping. i installed a snooping prgrm on a laptop i purchased for my now ex-bf. I have been logging into his acct's to view his emails & have logged onto the acct's of others to snoop. I have sent emails/proof from their accts to their husband advising them they were being cheated on.

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Under federal law, electronic snooping may be considered computer fraud, computer and information theft, or cyberterrorism, violations of which could result in felony charges. As the Internet grows by leaps and bounds, information about nearly anyone is just a few keystrokes away. While it is clearly not a crime to perform an Internet search on Worried about Windows 10 snooping? Here's how you can stop Nov 17, 2016