2008-12-22 · If you're using bittorrent to download illegal content, then that could be the reason why it's working so slow. Many (if not all) ISP's have just recently (in the past week) made an agreement with the RIA and software providers to identify people who download illegal content and to reduce their data transfer speeds to a crawl. very slow downloads - Speed Problems - µTorrent … 2014-6-3 uTorrent Slow Download Speed – TechCrises.com The main reason for the slow download speed is a slow hard disk or incorrect uTorrent settings due to which the hard disk is overloaded with read/write operations that catastrophically affects the performance. If you download torrents, but the speed is very slow, open uTorrent client settings and in the caching option (Preferences -> Advanced

2020-7-23 · How to measure Torrent Speed Correctly. It’s a little known fact that most torrent clients report speeds differently than web-based speed tests.. In fact, they’re usually off by a factor of 8. That’s because torrent clients like uTorrent report speed as Mega Bytes per second, whereas speedtests like speedtest.net report Mega bits. Since 1 Byte = 8 Bits, then 1 Megabyte per second is

2014-2-26 · So Azureus DL max would be: 80% × 78% × 512kb/s ≈ 319kb/s; 319kb/s ÷ 8 B/b ≈ 40 kB/s if Azureus is the only Internet application. Reduce this somewhat to allow other Internet protocols better response on the same connection. Why is bittorrent download so slow ? | Yahoo Answers 2009-4-17 · Why is bittorrent download so slow ? I have been getting good speeds of 200 - 700 kb download but in the past month I can only go as high as 30 kb. I have checked my connection which is great. Could my isp be throttling traffic. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. v4vendetta. 1 decade ago. Why are my uploads so slow - BitTorrent

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Slow VPN? 8 Tips to Boost Your VPN Speed | NordVPN This article explains why your VPN speed might be suffering and how you can make your VPN faster. Does a VPN slow your internet? At its core, a VPN’s job is to encrypt your connection and send it through a secured server. Because it adds extra steps between you and the internet, it’s bound to slow down your connection somewhat. bittorrent / utorrent is slow | Tom's Guide Forum 2017-3-11 Why is BitTorrent so SLOW? | Yahoo Answers